How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

It’s the spooky season, and that means frightful fun for everyone. While we, humans, can enjoy a good scare from time to time, the same is not always true for our pets. In fact, Halloween presents a lot of safety risks for our furry friends. To make sure your pets have just as much fun this Halloween as you, consider the following safety tips for pets.

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets


1. Be Conscientious About Costumes

Not all pets like to dress up. If your pet seems uncomfortable in their costume, then don’t make them wear it. It’s also important not to leave pets unattended while they’re wearing a costume as costumes can get caught on furniture or branches resulting in the risk of strangulation. They can also contain choking hazards for pets that like to chew.

2. Choose Pet-Safe Decorations

Halloween decorations like fake spider webs, fake blood, and glow sticks are all dangerous and/or toxic for pets. Additionally, make sure all electrical cords are safely out of your pet’s curious reach.

3. Store Treats Safely Away From Pets

Many Halloween treats and ingredients in Halloween treats are toxic for pets, this includes chocolate, raisins, certain nuts, xylitol (sugar-free sweetener), and more. Make sure your stash of candy is kept well away from your pet’s reach.

4. Keep Pets Safe Inside

With so many scarily dressed people coming and going from the house on Halloween, pets can easily become frightened and run away or simply escape through the front door when you answer it. Keep your pet closed in a quiet room with their food and water throughout the evening.

5. Get Your Pets Microchipped

Pets commonly go missing on Halloween, and that’s why we recommend microchipping your dogs and cats before the holiday. Pet microchips greatly increase the chances of reuniting with a lost or stolen pet, and it’ll give you a little peace of mind if your pet gets lost.

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