Ophthalmic Drops/Ointment


At VetMedics Compounding Pharmacy, one of our dosage forms is ophthalmics.

What are Ophthalmics?

Ophthalmics are medications for the eyes. Most ophthalmics for animals are eye drops and ointments.

How important is eye care in animals?

Short answer: Extremely important!
Many animals — including dogs, cats, and horses — are susceptible to contracting eye infections. Just like people, animals can experience many eye illnesses, such as dry eye, conjunctivitis, and much more. In general, yellow-green mucus or pus-like discharge can be a tell-tale sign of a serious infection in animals. To help these infections, veterinarians use ophthalmics for pets, most frequently including eye drops and animal ophthalmic ointments.

When are ophthalmics used?

Ophthalmics are used to treat ocular diseases in animals. Veterinary practitioners diagnose and treat many ophthalmic conditions, including conjunctivitis and glaucoma in dogs, herpetic keratitis in cats, keratomycosis in horses, and conjunctivitis as well as viral ophthalmic conditions in a variety of species.

How are ophthalmics prepared?

Ophthalmic eye drops and ointments are prepared in a dedicated room according to strict regulations for sterile compounds. The packaging of veterinary ophthalmics must be sterile, must protect the active drug, and must easily facilitate administration. The ingredients, strength, and dosage form are personalized to treat the animal’s unique eye problem.

What is the difference between eye drops and ointments?

Eye drops are used very frequently. When creating an eye drop solution, veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists consider the solubility of the formula ingredients, clarity, tonicity, buffers, pH, sterility, and appropriate selection of preservatives.
Ophthalmic ointments come in a greasy, semisolid form known as an ointment. When the ointment is applied to the eye, it breaks into tiny drops. Then, the medicine begins to work.

How are ophthalmics given?

Eye drops can be dispensed from either glass dropper bottles or opaque plastic containers. Ointments are generally dispensed in sterile aluminum tubes with ophthalmic applicator tips.


As a veterinary pharmacy, we are in the business of helping your pets live long, healthy, happy lives. Compounded medications from VetMedics Compounding Pharmacy offer an excellent option for many ophthalmic patients.
If you have questions about our ophthalmic medication options for pets, give us a call today.