Compounding Services

Custom Veterinary Prescription Compounding Services

We can develop a formulation for nearly any medication to be custom compounded. This is especially important in situations where a drug is either not commercially available or is not palatable to a pet. We have over 5,000 different variations of major drugs prescribed for pets.

When ordinary tablets, capsules, or liquids become difficult to administer to a pet there are still more options that we can provide. With transdermal pens, a consistent measured dose of medicated cream can be applied directly to the skin of the pet’s inner ear flap. The medication is then delivered through the skin into the capillaries located in the ear. With certain medications, we can also provide chewable treats that contain the medication. These treats are formulated similar to ordinary pet treats, available in fish or bone shapes, which are recognized by pets as something rewarding and tasty.

In addition to standard medication forms like tablets and liquids, we can also compound sterile preparations including eye drops and injections in our state-of-the-art ISO Class 5 sterile suite.

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