Winter Skin Care Tips for Pets

6 Winter Skin Care Tips for Pets

When cold weather arrives in the winter, we blast our furnaces, and this combination of cold, dry air outside and hot, dry air inside wreaks havoc on our skin and hair. Despite their fuzzy, protective coats, the drop in temperature and humidity can also cause cats and dogs quite a bit of discomfort. As a result of winter weather, pets can experience dry, flaky, and itchy skin in addition to a dull coat.
Thankfully, there are plenty of simple things you can do to help protect your pet’s skin and coat from the harsh winter weather and soothe any irritation so they can comfortably snuggle up with you in front of the fireplace.

6 Tips for Soothing Your Pet's Irritated Winter Skin

1. Dietary Adjustments

If you notice that your pet’s coat seems dull or observe your pet scratching more than normal, talk with your veterinarian about possibly adjusting your pet’s diet. Your veterinarian will help you rule out any other potential causes of itchiness, such as indoor allergies, and might recommend adding an omega 3 fatty acid supplement to your pet’s health regimen.

2. Better Bathtime

It’s best to reduce your pet’s baths as much as possible, as frequent bathing can lead to further skin irritation and drying. When you do bathe your pet, use a conditioning shampoo that’s designed to soothe sensitive skin. Always be sure your pet’s completely dry before heading outside for any cold-weather walks.

3. Continue Brushing

Regular brushing not only keeps your pet’s coat free from debris, reducing the number of necessary baths, but it also stimulates your pet’s skin, improving circulation and overall condition.

4. Run a Humidifier

If your furnace runs frequently, run a humidifier in your home to maintain a reasonable level of moisture in the air.

5. Wipe Paws

Always wash and wipe down your pet’s paws after coming in from a winter walk. This will ensure your pet’s paws are free from any irritating or possibly toxic salts and deicers that are used on the sidewalks.

6. Condition Paws

Apply a pet-safe paw balm to the pads of your pet’s paws to keep them conditioned and mitigate irritation.

Simple Solutions for Your Long Island Pet's Winter Skin Care Needs

Whether you’re considering a special coat conditioner, paw balm, or a dietary supplement to help soothe your pet’s dry, irritated winter skin, our pet care experts at VetMedics Compounding Pharmacy are here to help. To learn more about dietary supplements and winter skincare solutions for pets, we welcome you to contact our pet pharmacy today.