A Therapeutic Diet Might Be the Best Medicine for Your Pet

A Therapeutic Diet Might Be the Best Medicine for Your Pet

Although therapeutic, or prescription, pet diets aren’t always intended to replace a pet’s medication, they are designed to address health concerns from a very basic level. Just like people managing various health conditions might adjust their diets to limit their sugar or salt intake, reduce their cholesterol, or increase the level of antioxidants in the body, pets can benefit from eating a specialized diet, too! In fact, pets with certain health conditions often experience a major impact from simply switching to a therapeutic diet prescribed by a veterinarian.

What Is Prescription Pet Food?

A prescription pet food is a food that has been specially formulated to address the unique nutritional needs of pets living with chronic diseases. These formulations are researched, developed, and tested extensively for efficacy much in the same way as prescription medications are evaluated.
While you can find specially formulated pet foods (for weight management, puppies, senior pets, and dental health) on the shelf at the pet store, therapeutic pet foods differ from regular pet foods available over the counter, as they are only available to cats and dogs with a prescription from a veterinarian.

Are Therapeutic Pet Foods Effective?

When correctly prescribed to address a specific condition in a dog or cat, therapeutic pet foods do work. For example, prescription diets have been developed to specifically address the different types of kidney stones that affect pets. These diets alter the acidity of the pet’s urine to dissolve the specific type of stone causing distress.

Will All Pets Benefit from a Therapeutic Diet?

All cats and dogs will benefit from high-quality pet foods and eating a well-balanced diet with all the nutrition they need to function properly and achieve optimal health. However, not all pets require a prescription pet food. Therapeutic diets are specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of cats and dogs living with chronic health problems such as:
If your pet’s living with a chronic or systemic disease, your veterinarian might recommend introducing a therapeutic diet to address your pet’s ongoing disease and pain management.

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